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Cincilingua Students

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“My teachers were the best part, they are intelligent, well prepared and with extraordinary knowledge about culture, history, economy, etc. I will always consider them as my personal friends.” —Domingo Soto, Director de Proyectos Financieros, Coppel, S.A. de C.V., Mexico

“The quality of the teachers, the outstanding organization, the environment of cordiality and the comfortable building of the academy contributed to significantly improve my knowledge of the English language and at the same time to enjoy a pleasant stay.” —Dr. César Coronel, Coronel & Perez, Ecuador

“Cincilingua is an institute in which you can see the director and the owner every day. I met Mrs. Collet and I could speak with her frequently. She was interested to know about how I was feeling and how Cincilingua could help me.” —Paolo Longo, Venezuela